DegreePlus for the Active MMSA member

We have just launched our own DegreePlus certificate dedicated solely to our members. 

In order to acquire this DegreePlus certificate one must participate in at least one event organised by each MMSA standing committee. Only once the MMSA member has completed his participation in the respective event should the standing committee head sign in the below space beside his/her respective section. Once the MMSA member has participated in at least one event from each standing committee and has acquired the necessary signatures, he is then eligible for the DegreePlus certificate.

It is important to note that only events that took place after the 1st of July 2016 will be considered valid for this certificate. This form needs to be handed back in by the 30th of April 2017 together with a 5 Euro DegreePlus fee.

Please follow this link to download the signing sheet :

Once all the signatures have been collected please send an email on with the email subject being “DEGREE PLUS – ACTIVE MMSA MEMBER”. Further instructions will follow.


It is IMPORTANT to note that each MMSA member is eligible to only one DEGREE+ Certificate for an Active MMSA Member